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MVP: McLaren Vision Planning

A 'family office' approach to wealth management 

We offer our select group of investors and their families our concierge financial planning services – providing legacy & estate planning, investment portfolio management, and family “CFO” services. Investing is the best way to reach financial goals, but most of us are thinking about more than just money. We are all working to find happiness today and security for tomorrow, while at the same time looking to make life better - for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Our process provides a framework and a professional support team to help you map your legacy – the one you live out each day, as well as the one you hope to leave behind. The MVP process is unique for each client, but often we cover:

  1. Personal goals like travel, financial independence, or retirement;
  2. Family goals to protect future generations and provide opportunity; and
  3. Charitable goals designed to advance causes and improve communities.

Over a lifetime, we work with most of our investors to address all three of these goals. Here's how:

Financial Life Planning

Achieving “true wealth” requires identifying what truly makes you happy and setting specific goals in areas like family, career, college planning, retirement, travel, and personal pursuits.

Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Review

Traditional financial statements are used by almost every company to get organized and make strategic decisions – we believe they should be used by personal investors as well. Our team uses proprietary systems and leading financial technology to track client wealth and provide innovative planning solutions.

Navigating Retirement

A thoughtful approach to income planning is critical when it comes to effectively managing a retirement portfolio. We lean on our personal financial statements and evidence-based investment approach to design a sustainable income for you.

Legacy & Estate Planning

Most investors are thinking about their legacy. We help them move beyond the drawing board to actively plan & manage the family legacy. Strategies include Donor Advised Funds to accomplish tax-efficient charitable giving, asset transfer programs designed to shift highly appreciated assets to heirs in lower tax brackets, college savings programs, and stock gifting for both children and grandchildren.

Our team also has advanced training and expertise when it comes to estate planning. We work closely with attorney partners to develop estate plans that protect wealth, promote family harmony, and provide heirs with a clear process to execute legacy wishes.


We design global investment portfolios built to last – using intelligent asset allocation and tax-efficient, low-cost funds. We also manage individual stock portfolios and provide executives and other investors with strategies for equity compensation and concentrated stock positions.

Tax Management & Charitable Giving

We review client tax returns for accuracy & opportunities. More specifically, we vet potential strategies surrounding charitable giving and itemized deductions, tax-deferred and tax-exempt retirement savings, and portfolio efficiency to minimize capital gains and/or investment income.

If you’ve built substantial taxable investment assets, it is critically important to control ongoing tax liabilities resulting from dividends, capital gains distributions, and selling appreciated securities. Investment fund selection is the first step – but we try to and go the extra mile for clients. Our custom portfolio approach and ongoing supervision of accounts provides the opportunity for tax loss harvesting throughout the year – selling and replacing under-performing funds to help you lock in tax losses, offsetting investment gains and ultimately lowering your tax liability.  

Insurance & Risk Management

We help investors objectively review life, disability, and long-term care insurance options to determine appropriate coverage levels – and in many instances help them avoid or exit over-priced policies.

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Raymond James does not provide advice on tax or legal matters. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.